What Do You Do?

We Design Slow Space For Busy Lives

Slow Space, and its subset Slow Architecture, provide the ideal conditions for slowing down, reflecting, being present and engaging our senses. Nature does this perfectly and that is why so many people find nature rejuvenating. But great examples also exist in the built environment. We imagine the term Slow Space to describe a carefully crafted physical space that creates the right atmosphere and conditions for slowing time and fostering deep meaningful experiences. Slow Space can foster kairos, or quality time, and provide the time and space for refuge in our busy lives. The clock may or may not literally beat slower but our experience of the place will be as if it had.

modern vacation home

Hamptons Beach House

In Living Space
warming hut project

Warming Hut

In Fun Space
Modern Texas Prefab

Modern Texas Prefab

In Living Space
cambridge terrace

Cambridge Terrace

In Living Space
Professor's Row project

Professors Row

In Living Space
modern barns project

Modern Barns

In Living Space

Live-In Kitchen

In Living Space
Lake Austin House Project

Lake Austin House

In Living Space

What Is Your Passion?

We Are Passionate About Life

We are passionate about life, not in a bungee jumping kind of way, but in a la dolce vita kind of way. We enjoy long walks in the woods, sitting in cafes sipping espresso and listening to the fire crackle. We like to savour life and enjoy all of its wonderful sensual pleasures. We are passionate about life because one day everything changed.

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Mette and Andrew


Andrew and Mette are partners in life and work.  


Mette was introduced to architecture at a young age spending time in her father’s architecture office after school. Andrew found architecture on his own. As a freshman at MIT, he chose to live in a curvy brick dormitory because it just felt good to him to be there. That building it turned out had been designed by Alvar Aalto – the great Finnish architect and one of the giants of 20th century modern design.


By the time they met, Mette had travelled widely, lived and worked abroad and was fluent in three languages. Andrew’s international travels had consisted of a one way flight from Panama to Miami and he had managed to learn exactly one language.


Mette and Andrew’s paths first crossed at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in 1998. It turns out they had many of the same down-to-earth values, based in part, on their shared Scandinavian heritage. Mette was born in Norway and her father is Norwegian and Andrew’s family has its roots in Finland and Sweden.


In school, they collaborated on many projects. Then suddenly, one week before Mette’s thesis review, she went blind in her right eye. She chalked it up to stress and Andrew helped her finish her final project. After graduation she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.


It was a terrible blow to both of them as they were just starting their careers in a profession notorious for its long hours. In order for Mette to be healthy they had to slow down and find balance without sacrificing the work they wanted to do. This has become one of their most important projects – designing their lives for long term health and happiness.

What Is Your Life Philosophy?

We Believe In Fewer Things Done Better

Mette is a Type A person. But since her MS diagnosis she has had to learn to fight the urge to do more. Thankfully, Andrew is Type B and has helped Mette slow down. Rather than doing a lot of things poorly they have decided to focus on a few things and do them really well. Without flash or fanfare, like the proverbial tortoise, we run our architecture studio and raise our family slow and steady, one day at a time, with a little time off now and then for espresso in the cafe.


It turns out there are lots of other people in the world trying to do the same thing.

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Do you want to design a custom modern home?


Designing a new home or major renovation should be exciting and fun, not scary and stressful. So we have set out help you have the best experience. We have written guides to help you understand the process, we post articles for homeowners on our blog, we send out tips to folks on our mailing list and we have provided answers to many frequently asked questions below. If there is a question you don’t find an answer to just drop us a line in the form below.

How to Hire an Architect


Nothing is more exciting than designing a new home for yourself or your business, and nothing will affect the success of your project more than the right architect. Finding your perfect match is not impossible and we’ll show you nine points to guide you along the way. Use these points to help analyze the qualifications, design strategy and communication skills of your candidates.


We prepared this guide after seeing so many people struggle with understanding the design and construction process. This process can seem complex and frightening for those who haven’t been through it before. The most important step is choosing the right architect for your project.

modern house cost report


This valuable report includes three cost ranges starting at $1.5 million for a typical 4 bedroom 5,000 square foot custom modern house. Example images and a list of features are included for each range.  At the end of the report we have included bonus content that tells you what 3 mistakes to avoid when building a custom modern house.


This is the only report available online with budget information for your modern house project and it is written by industry experts. The report is free and will be delivered to your email address once the form below is filled out. We will not share your contact information with anyone else but we will continue to share valuable information on designing modern houses with you if you are interested.