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What Do You Do?

We Design Slow Spaces For Busy Lives

Imagine you live in one of Richard Neutra’s steel and glass houses perched high in the Hollywood Hills. Imagine what it looks like when you come home after a long hard day. Take a minute to picture it. You may have argued with your spouse or yelled at your kids that day, felt stressed by commitments or drank too much after work. But as you enter, your home speaks to you of ease and integrity, honesty, connection and hope for the future. Every day your home quietly reminds you of what you value most and the person you wish to be and slowly guides you toward that vision.

hamptons beach house

Hamptons Beach House

In Living Space

Warming Hut

In Fun Space

Modern Texas Prefab

In Living Space

Cambridge Terrace

In Living Space

Professors Row

In Living Space
modern barns entry

Modern Barns

In Living Space

Live-In Kitchen

In Living Space

Lake Austin House

In Living Space

What Is Your Passion?

We Are Passionate About Life

We are passionate about life, not in a bungee jumping kind of way, but in a la dolce vita kind of way. We enjoy long walks in the woods, sitting in cafes sipping espresso and listening to the fire crackle. We like to savour life and enjoy all of its wonderful sensual pleasures. We are passionate about life because one day everything changed.

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What Is Your Life Philosophy?

We Believe In Fewer Things Done Better

Mette is a Type A person. But since her MS diagnosis she has had to learn to fight the urge to do more. Thankfully, Andrew is Type B and has helped Mette slow down. Rather than doing a lot of things poorly they have decided to focus on a few things and do them really well. Without flash or fanfare, like the proverbial tortoise, we run our architecture studio and raise our family slow and steady, one day at a time, with a little time off now and then for espresso in the cafe.


It turns out there are lots of other people in the world trying to do the same thing.

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“Space has always been the spiritual dimension of architecture. It is not the physical statement of the structure so much as what it contains that moves us.”

-Arthur Erikson

What is the Slow Space Movement?

Slow Space Is Slow Food For The Built World

The Slow Space Movement promotes good quality buildings, made with clean healthy materials and built with fair labor. The three principles of good, clean and fair are borrowed from the Slow Food Movement as they apply equally well to the design and construction industry. The movement is about creating buildings of enduring value for the world, using the planet’s precious resources judiciously and wisely, and supporting the community of artisans and craftspeople. The Slow Space Movement takes the long view regarding design and construction, believing that buildings should last hundreds of years and benefit the common good.

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