Mette Aamodt Resigns From AIA In Protest


Mette Aamodt Resigns From AIA In Protest

Mette Aamodt, CEO of Aamodt / Plumb Architects, resigns from AIA, sending a clear message to AIA leadership denouncing Robert Ivy’s complicitous statement to President-Elect Donald Trump, who campaigned on a platform of bigotry and hate, has a history of housing discrimination, and repeatedly cheats architects and tradespeople in his own development business. Aamodt is calling on architects to join her in refusing to work for clients engaged in discrimination, human rights violations, tyranny and exploitation. AIA National dues are due this week and every member has to make a choice about where they stand.


Together with her partner Andrew Plumb, Aamodt and their firm Aamodt / Plumb Architects is raising money to start a non-profit organization dedicated to education and advocacy around quality construction techniques, healthy materials and fair labor practices.


“We have just elected one of the world’s worst developers as President, who exploits people and natural resources to build junk buildings that benefit no one but himself,” says Mette Aamodt. “It’s time for architects to take a stand and fight back, rather than rolling over as Robert Ivy suggests we do.”


As Trumps inauguration draws near groups across all walks of life are mounting resistance to his hate rhetoric, cabinet appointments and policy announcements. Architects must decide if they will collaborate with the reigning powers, as Albert Speer did with the Nazis, be part of the resistance or simply sit idly by as they have historically done.


News of this announcement was published in Archinect under the title “Aamodt/Plumb Architects resigns from the AIA over Robert Ivy’s conciliatory comments toward Trump” however the title is misleading as only Aamodt has resigned.

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