Norway: Landscape, Light and Atmosphere

Norway Bergen

Norway: Landscape, Light and Atmosphere

This is probably the last roll of film I ever shot. I used the Contax Aria that I bought right before everything went digital. No instagram filter can ever duplicate the color, light and atmosphere that these photos have.


The pictures were taken on our 2007 trip to Norway when Andrew and I traveled by train from Oslo to Bergen over the high plateau called Hardangervidda. From Bergen we took a steam ship called the Hurtigruten up the western coast to Ålesund and Trondheim. This is the best way to see the fjords and I highly recommend it.


Norway is a special place for us. I was born in there in 1974 and lived there with my parents until I was 4. We moved to the Boston area but I continued to spend my summers in Norway living with my grandparents and our friends on their farm. I lived in Oslo as an adult as well for a short time and can’t go much more than two years without visiting. The landscape calls me back and I yearn to swim in the cold water and eat the berries and apples off the trees.


Andrew and I have been there a half dozen times together, traveling, hiking and visiting family and friends. Its his special place now too.

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