Royal Copenhagen – Beauty and Craft

Royal Copenhagen – Beauty and Craft

royal copenhagen

Porcelain will pass thirty pairs of hands. When you hold a finished cup or plate in your hand, it has already passed through up to thirty pairs of hands which have taken the porcelain clay through moulding, painting, firing, glazing and packing. Take a tour. Close your eyes, imagine the smell of chalky porcelain clay, and take an imaginary tour to see the noble craft of porcelain manufacturing in all its phases – conceived, designed, and made on the basis of more than 235 years of craftsmanship and tradition. -Royal Copenhagen

This is what Andrew and I chose as our wedding china. We have a mix of the traditional patterns and the modern interpretations that play with scale and cropping. The handmade pieces and hand painted pattern means that each one is unique and has its own number painted on the bottom. Each shape and contour has meaning. Even the color has meaning, as indigo was the first color to be able to withstand the heat of firing. The color has been used for hundreds of years without changing.


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