What Are Typical Architect’s Services?

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What Are Typical Architect’s Services?

Before you hire an architect, you should have a strong understanding of what a typical architect’s services are.


Architects’ Basic Services are defined by the AIA and are commonly included in any architect’s proposal. However, before Basic Services begin you should commission an architect to help you formulate a clear project brief. This phase is called Pre-Design, Feasibility Study or Needs Analysis. This is the first and most important step. It is the foundation upon which the rest of the project is built. An architect will guide you through a Needs Analysis to determine your goals and priorities, the constraints and opportunities of your site and the feasibility of your timeline and budget. Avoid rushing right into Schematic Design without completing this phase, as this can be very costly down the line.


Basic Services include the following phases:


— Schematic Design: Establish the conceptual design, scale and relationship among spaces.

— Design Development: Refine the design and prepare plans, elevations, building sections and typical details.

— Contract Documents: Prepare detailed working drawings and specifications for construction.

— Bidding and Negotiation: Solicit bids from contractors and negotiate the contract for construction.

— Contract Administration: Observe construction to assure the project is built according to the drawings and specifications.


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