Hamptons Beach House

Hamptons Beach House

The Hamptons Beach House Project is a modern vacation home located on a narrow barrier island on the south shore of Long Island. With exposures to the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Shinnecock Bay on the other, the property is subjected to extreme coastal weather conditions.


The design reconciles the desire to openly experience the landscape with a real need for protection. The result was to create a tough exterior shell with an open, light-filled interior. Concrete was used to create a series of robust structural boxes, each defining a different living space and focusing attention on the landscape. An introspective garden space and stair hall enlivens the center of the home. Intricate shadow patterns, created by water-jet cut screens, move through the house as the day unfolds. More than ornament, the screens protect double height windows from hurricane force winds.


Mahogany, limestone, stainless steel and concrete were all chosen for their durability. The concrete was mixed with locally-sourced sand and was left exposed to take advantage of its natural beauty and its legacy from the beach.


What does the Owners’ Project Representative say?


“I consider Aamodt / Plumb to be extremely talented with an amazing design aesthetic. They designed an extremely unique and special modern home for my employer and the results are amazing. They were extremely professional and thoroughly dedicated to the project from start to finish. They maintained a high standard, were very detail-oriented and held the contractor to performing the work in that manner. It was a pleasure working with them and in fact, we are going to be working together again on another home for my employer, proof that their work was a resounding success.” -Anthony Zelig,¬†Owners’ Project Representative





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Jane Messinger


October 7, 2012


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