Lake Austin House

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Lake Austin House

The Lake Austin House Project was created as the center of family and social life, a place to raise children and to entertain guests in the area and visiting from far away, and a base for getting to know and appreciate Austin. With strong ties to the city and a love of both the diverse culture and landscape, the family was thrilled to find one of the few remaining large lots on the banks of Lake Austin, only a twenty minute drive from downtown.


The site is unique in its size and character; it is relatively flat with dozens of mature trees providing a canopy of shade that allows the grass below to flourish. It has a large frontage on the lake as well as on a canal that is popular for boating and fishing. The property is also located directly opposite Mount Bonnell, a high point and landmark in the area, which is beautifully illuminated every evening at sunset.
The concept for the modern home is to embrace the site and the views, work around the footprint of the existing trees and enhance the opportunities for outdoor living. It is to be warm and inviting, yet sufficiently grand, on approach from the entry drive and casual and comfortable on the lake side where most of the family’s time will be spent. Because this house is intended to serve the family for several generations it will be energy efficient and built with high quality, long lasting materials such as local limestone.


What do the Homeowners say?


“Aamodt Plumb Architects has designed and overseen the construction of our large-scale, lake-front dream home in Austin, TX. The home is modern and the design and quality is amazing. Our builders have repeatedly commented on APA’s professionalism and great attention to detail. Everyone in the office has been a real pleasure to work with — it makes a large, multi-year project very enjoyable. And we are getting an amazing house in the process. I strongly recommend Aamodt Plumb Architects!” -Stacy, Homeowner


“Aamodt / Plumb have an incredibly high attention to detail. They listen to the customer’s wishes and are open to contractor suggestions on how to change designs to make them easier/cheaper to build. They have an excellent sense of modern design and can tackle the most complex projects, while still paying attention to the smallest details. They do a great job of creating designs that push a customer’s simple ideas into fabulous architecture while still respecting the core wishes of the customer.” -Joel, Homeowner




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October 7, 2015


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